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Our Story

In the small town of Alden, nestled at the end of a road known locally as Lanes End, lies a haven of creativity and tradition: Lanes End Art Designs. Founded in 1992 by Jane and Steve Haukoos, this charming establishment began its journey in a quaint chicken coop, affectionately dubbed the 'craft shack'. It's here where Jane and Steve, a couple with a deep love for art and a flair for teaching, embarked on a journey that would soon bloom into a vibrant community cornerstone.

Steve, an artisan of remarkable versatility, started his craft with custom handmade duck decoys. Over the years, his talent evolved to embrace the canvas, bringing to life stunning scenic paintings that capture the essence of wildlife and natural landscapes. His creativity knows no bounds, extending to unique items like sawblades, handsaws, and mailboxes, each adorned with beautiful, detailed artwork.

Jane's artistic roots run deep, drawing inspiration from her husbands Norwegian ancestry. Specializing in Rosemalling, a traditional Norwegian folk art, she focuses particularly on the Rogaland style. This style, known for its strict color scheme, is a nod to the Haukoos' ancestral origins. Jane's passion is not just in creating these intricate oil paintings but also in preserving this almost-lost art form. Her dedication to teaching Rosemalling is fueled by the desire to pass on this beautiful tradition.

Together, Jane and Steve open their doors at the Brick and Mortar Market, offering classes and selling their unique, custom artwork. They have a special invitation for students: discounted rates to learn the original works of Rosemalling and other crafts. Jane's exceptional teaching skills, combined with her infectious enthusiasm for art, make these classes a must-attend for anyone keen on exploring their creative side.

At Lanes End Art Designs, every visit promises a new surprise, a mystery 'Make & Take' experience led by Jane and Steve. It's an invitation to create, to learn, and to be part of a story that intertwines art, tradition, and community. Come to their store, and be part of the ever-evolving tapestry of creativity and heritage that Jane and Steve Haukoos have lovingly woven at Lanes End Art Design.

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